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I’ll try to dedicate myself writing down some of the finest recipes, most of them running in my mother’s family for ages. Some of these are very simple and easy to prepare – you can even call your little children to give you a hand !!


Chicken Broth


1 Chicken
Chicken Giblets
2 Eggs
2 Lt's Water
1 soup spoon of Salt
100 grammes of small pasta
1 onion

1 chicken bouillon

Wash and cut up the chicken in four. Place water, salt, the onion and the chicken bouillon in a casserole in medium-high heat. As soon as the chicken is boiled, shred it. Put it back on the pan, along with small pasta. And  the giblets In a different casserole, boil two eggs and cut them in tiny peaces. Add the pieces to the  soup.

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looks yummy:)

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