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I’ll try to dedicate myself writing down some of the finest recipes, most of them running in my mother’s family for ages. Some of these are very simple and easy to prepare – you can even call your little children to give you a hand !!


650 g kale w / vegetable broth
2 Lt water
650 g potato (s)
1 spoon Salt
2 dl olive oil

Place in a saucepan on the stove, with water and salt. Once it starts to boil, place the peeled potatoes  and cut them into pieces.
Being cooked squash is coming back to put them in the cooking water, adding the cabbage leaves to cut vegetable broth, then wash them well in two or three waters.
Add the olive oil and let it boil for two or three minutes with the pot uncovered, to get the cabbage and green.
Serve in bowl adding a slice of chorizo ​​to taste, along with corn bread or rye bread.

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