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I’ll try to dedicate myself writing down some of the finest recipes, most of them running in my mother’s family for ages. Some of these are very simple and easy to prepare – you can even call your little children to give you a hand !!


Mirandese Steak


1 kg potatoes
1.5 dl olive oil
4 tournedos of pork with (about 800 g)
1 onion
2 tablespoons of green pepper
2 tablespoons of red pepper
1 chilli
2 tablespoons of chopped tomatoes
2 tablespoons vinegar 
Pepper q.b
Turnip greens

Wash and boil the potatoes without peeling them. Drain and let it cool slightly.
Peel them and add 0.5 dl of olive oil, season with salt and set aside.
Season the tournedos with salt and pepper and grill slowly on both sides.
In the meanwhile,add the chopped onion, peppers, crushed chillies, tomatoes and remaining olive oil in a bowl.
Season and mix well. 
Serves the grilled tournedos with sauteed potatoes and accompany it with the rich sauce prepared. You can also add boiled turnip greens.

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look like nice :)

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