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I’ll try to dedicate myself writing down some of the finest recipes, most of them running in my mother’s family for ages. Some of these are very simple and easy to prepare – you can even call your little children to give you a hand !!


Love Woodpecker

800 gr of pork steaks
0,5 dl of White Wine
12 garlic teeth 
1Bay Leaf 
40 gr of Butter
1 soup spoon of Lard 

Start by cutting the steaks in small pieces.  After that comes the seasoning with salt, white wine, pepper, lemon juice and 6 garlic teeth cut in slices. 
You must wait an hour till it’s ready to cook. 
In the meanwhile, put the other 6 garlic teeth, the lard and the butter in a frying pan till brown.  
Place the meat in the frying pan and let it fry until it’s well cooked.
It’s now ready. It can be served with French fries and the sauce. You can also decorate the plate with some olives and mushrooms.

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Petar said...

this looks lovely tanx :D

World Wide Raps said...

You made me hungry!!

masteR1 said...

Sounds good, need to try that recipe!;)

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